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NON Profit Recycling Organization We Support

 Association of Oregon RecyclersThe Association of Oregon Recyclers (AOR) — one of the first state recycling associations — officially began in 1977. AOR has advanced recycling and waste prevention in Oregon through its diverse membership. When businesses, governments, associations, and individuals join together with a common goal, solutions emerge. From supporting important recycling policies and programs at the local and state levels to providing a network where recyclers can share knowledge and expertise, AOR continues to be a solid foundation for recycling and recyclers in Oregon. AOR is a nonprofit coalition of individuals, governments, nonprofit organizations, and businesses committed to encouraging waste prevention and recycling in Oregon. Membership is open to all who support our mission.
cra-recycleThe CRA is a nonprofit organization established and maintained by a community of people – multi-national corporations, small businesses, local government, state government agencies, and individuals across the Carolinas who are committed to waste reduction and recycling efforts. With over 200 members, the CRA is ever growing and changing to benefit our members and the recycling industry.
greenstartGreen Star® is a non-profit organization, based in Anchorage, Alaska, that encourages businesses to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention through education, technical assistance, and an award-winning voluntary “green business” certification program.
rbacAt the Recycling Business Assistance Center, we know the economic and environmental importance of the recycling industry.  North Carolina’s “recycling economy” employs more than 14,000 people across the state and is one of the fastest growing job engines here.  Making products from recovered materials saves energy, water, reduces air pollution and decreases demands on virgin natural resources.

SCRAP is a non-profit creative reuse center, materials depot, and workshop space founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California.

SCRAP breathes new life into old objects and reduces waste by diverting over 200 tons of materials heading to landfill every year.

zerowasteZero Waste America (ZWA) is a Internet-based environmental research organization specializing in the field of Zero Waste. We provide (through our website, primarily), information on associated legislative, legal, technical, environmental, health, and consumer issues.

We also specialize in information on U.S. waste disposal issues, particularly the lack a federal ‘waste management’ plan, the use of ‘disposal bans’ to legally stop waste disposal and imports, the long-proposed federal Interstate Waste legislation, waste data collection methodology, and applicable federal case law. ZWA is an authority on the regulatory enforcement of the State Plan (waste management) provisions of The Solid Waste Disposal Act (otherwise known as The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act – RCRA).