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Recycle Bed Bug Infested Mattress

Let us remove and recycle your Bed Bug infested Mattress – SAME PRICE with or without metal frame.


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Recycle Bed Bug Infested Box Spring

What happens to your mattress?

About 90% of a mattress is fully recyclable

  • When your mattress arrives at our facility, we start by slicing the bed apart, separating the foam, cotton, wood, and steel
  • We partner with a scrap metal business, who collects the steel from us
  • We bale the foam and cotton and sent if off to a shredder where it find it’s way back into carpet underlay or insulation
  • The cotton is sometimes used in industrial machinery oil filters and other textile applications
  • The wooden frames are being sent to wood chippers where it’s being chipped and burned for fuel

What happens after you scheduled your Recycling Pickup?

  • You will get an automated response email to let you know that your pickup request was successful
  • The online system will notify us about your pickup request, and it will be processed in the order that it was received.
  • We will be contacting you through email/phone if there are any problems/changes regarding your pick-up
  • We will pick up your items on the day you’ve requested. Keep in mind that we now service the whole Portland Metropolitan and Vancouver Area. This means that we will group pick-ups together to keep prices as low as possible for our customers. For this reason it is not possible for us to accurately predict when the actual pickup will take place. However, it will typically happen on the day that you requested (excluding weekends and holidays) We will be in touch with the details, and your patience in this respect will be greatly appreciated.
  • We prefer that you leave your item(s) outside on the day of pick-up for your convenience (you don’t have to be home and we don’t have to knock on your door)

Please see our FAQ for more information

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We want your recycling experience to be as easy, inexpensive and painless as possible.

Recycle Bed Bug Invested MattressRecycle Bed Bug Infested Mattress