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TV Recycling

CRC Monitor and Televison Recycling in Portland Oregon

Monitors and TV’s

We make it easy to recycle your Monitor or Television. We will pickup your TV or CRC Monitor from your workplace or residence. You can also drop of your Television or Monitor at our warehouse in Hillsboro Oregon. Cost for Monitor Recycling is $7.50 each. We accept Monitors in any condition; working or non-working.

The Cost for recycling your TV depends on its size and/or weight. Prices range between  $25.00 and $35.00 each. As with Monitors we offer curbside pickup. All above mentioned prices exclude a Pick-up fee which is based on your Zip Code

We also offer large volume business to business CRC Monitor Recycling. We will load, haul and dispose off your monitors in a non intrusive way. This allows your employes to be fully productive while we take care all your e-waste.

See our Electronic Recycling Pricing for a more detailed price list as well as the various items we recycle at no charge.